Welcome to Anytype!

Welcome to Anytype!
You can use Anytype to create books, tasks, notes, ideas, documents, tools and organise them any way you want.

Our mission is to change the role of software in our lives. Anytype is built around a new metaphor, which replaces apps with objects. They are small, easy to create, share, and remix. They will help more of us build the software we want.

This is our first version designed with our metaphor. It introduces several new features:

  • Multiple object types and the power to connect them with relations.
  • Layouts and templates help you save time on repetitive tasks.
  • Finally, you can now work with multiple objects using Sets, creating tables, galleries, and (soon) boards.

Future versions will allow you to share your objects and collaborate with others. This is our next step towards our vision of a global repository of knowledge.


Every object has a flexible canvas made of simple blocks. Each block is a piece of information which you can freely move around the canvas.


We use relations to connect objects in the graph. They add context and significance to each connection.

Your data & privacy

Privacy and Security
EncryptionYour data is stored on your devices and encrypted with a keychain phrase. The keychain phrase is something only you know, please keep it safe. You need it to sign in to new devices. If you lose it Anytype cannot help you recover your data. BackupOne feature of the alpha

Knowledge graph

Knowledge Graph
Knowledge Graph Your objects combine to form a unique graph - a universal data structure which provides a strong foundation for automation, data portability, and visualization of your very own semantic core. You can build your graph by connecting your Objects with Relations, which are links that d…