April Community Update

April Community Update
Multiplayer & memberships are here!

🥜 April in a Nutshell:

For our team, April's release was the culmination of years of trial, error, and dedication to realizing encrypted, local-first collaboration. While testing multiplayer collaboration internally, we loved watching the whole team create edits on the same page, even after switching off the Internet in the office. It felt like magic - all communications were purely local, and the changes happened in an instant.

To accompany this release, we wanted to share our views on why we believe that local-first networks are essential to the future of a healthy, thriving web. We welcome you to read it here.

While it’s still early in the game and we have a lot more polishing to do, we’re incredibly grateful for your support thus far, happy to share this achievement with you, and excited for what comes next. For more information about what this release means for our team, you can check the release announcement here.

🦫 What we're working on:


We’re using these weeks to stabilize April’s big release and make sure that everything is working as expected with shared spaces. Big thanks to everyone who has left your feedback and helped us work out any initial bugs.

Meanwhile, we're laying the foundation for the next iterations of collaboration, which we look forward to bringing this year: public spaces, chats, comments, and discussions.


Now that multiplayer has been shipped, we’re looking forward to some ‘back-to-basics’ work which will bring enhancements to both personal and shared spaces. In the coming weeks, we’ll be digging deeper into global search, tags and dates as-objects, and improvements to the onboarding experience. 

At the same time, we’re taking in all of your feedback regarding v1 of collaboration and are using it to develop more nuanced capabilities for shared spaces, including notifications, more nuanced space control options for Editors/Owners, and chats. 

🥁 What's coming next:

Release 0.41.0 (Desktop) / 0.39.0 (Mobile)

Our next cross-platform release will include improvements to global search and version history, tags-as-objects, a complete flow for memberships and payments on mobile, and the possibility to purchase memberships with crypto. 

Town Hall

For everyone who’s interested in the technical ins and outs of our multiplayer release, we’d love to see you at our next town hall, scheduled for June 27 at 18:00 CET. We’ll be digging deep with our Infra team to discuss the technical challenges and roadmap, plus lessons learned in our journey towards multiplayer. Grab your seat here!

🍭 Cool things we enjoyed in April:

Things that made us laugh, think, and discuss - straight from our Slack #random channel:

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In Yanis Varoufakis’ latest book, the former Greek finance minister argues that companies like Apple and Meta have treated their users like modern-day serfs.
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Malicious updates made to a ubiquitous tool were a few weeks away from going mainstream.
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🌊 All from us for now - stay awesome & see you soon!