March Community Update

March was a big month for the Anyteam: from releasing web clipper and files-as-objects, to revealing of our inaugural Memberships plan in our largest-ever Town Hall, and our official launch of the Android app in the Play Store.

March Community Update
Coming soon: Collaboration & Sharing in the Anytype Network!

🥜 March in a Nutshell

March was a big month for the Anyteam: from releasing web clipper and files-as-objects, to revealing of our inaugural Memberships plan in our largest-ever Town Hall, and our official launch of the Android app in the Play Store.

We’re using this momentum to propel us towards the launch of multiplayer and memberships: the culmination of nearly one year of work since refactoring our infrastructure in 2023.

🦫 Product & Company Updates:

In case you missed it: we shipped an enormous, cross-platform release last month which includes the first version of the Anytype Web Clipper on Chrome, Files-as-Objects, an In-App Experience Gallery, and sweeping improvements to mobile extensions.

If you haven’t downloaded it already, grab the latest versions here and give 'em a spin!

Inaugural Membership Plan Announced

Our Membership scheme has been in development since the beginning of the year, and we were grateful to receive your feedback on our first introduction of the plans. 

For those who missed our Town Hall: When designing these memberships, we followed the principle that Anytype as a tool will always be free. The membership program aims to make Anytype’s development sustainable by launching a network of builders and co-creators. Becoming a member of the network means contributing to its further growth, and comes with greater network privileges and impact on network governance.

Thanks to you, we feel confident that v1 of the plans now permit sufficient exploration of the network even for unpaid tiers, while building a sustainable path for our team moving forward. Keep reading for details on further communications re: pre-ordering and claiming your early discount.

Meanwhile, we acknowledge that you've raised several additional questions regarding rollout of the network - especially related to governance, reputation, and safeguarding of the network from malicious actors.

These questions are deeply insightful and have guided further discussions within the team as to how to best address these concerns. We look forward to following up with more information as we approach the implementation of points and reputation in the membership system.

Anytype’s Been Nominated for the Webby Awards!

We were thrilled to see Anytype as a nominee for the Webby People's Voice Awards, in the category of Best Use of Web3 Technology. Seeing our name in the company of some projects doing inspirational work to push forward what decentralized tech can do for humanity, has been deeply humbling. 

If you’d like to voice your support for Anytype as a Webby nominee in this category, please cast your vote here! Voting is open until 18 April.

🥁 What's coming next:

Release 0.40.0 (Desktop) / 0.29.0 (Mobile)

During the last week of March, we released the beta version of Multiplayer for our Nightly ops. We’re now testing intensively and looking forward to the public release, tentatively planned for end-April.

All hands are on deck for this release as it unlocks the possibility of local-first collaboration and sharing in Anytype, something we know that so many of you have been eagerly anticipating.

Memberships Pre-Ordering

We’ve already revealed that our current community will have the opportunity to pre-order memberships at a discounted rate. This is a limited-time offer that will last until the pre-order limits run out, or until the official launch of memberships.

If you’re eager to nab this discount, please make sure you’re either subscribed to our newsletter or following our community announcements so you don’t miss out! 

Community-Created Spaces

Having met or spoken with so many wonderful users over the past years, we’ve been delighted to see how many of you have cultivated beautiful, functional spaces full of rich content. From talented plant librarians to personal coaches, novel-writers and passionate curators, we’re sure that your garden of knowledge could be a source of inspiration for those who share your interests. 

For those of you who have curated a space that you’re proud of and would be interested in sharing it with others in the Anytype Network (as viewers), we’d love to feature your content and help others find your space. By participating in this effort, your Builder membership would be subsidized for as long as you’re willing to maintain this space. If that sounds like you, please write to us at

🍭 What we loved in March:

Here's what got us talking, thinking, and laughing in March, straight from our Slack #random channel:

The Kool-Aid Factory
a series of online zines about the ways organizations coordinate.
Whole Earth Index
Here lies a nearly-complete archive of Whole Earth publications, a series of journals and magazines descended from the Whole Earth Catalog, published by Stewart Brand and the POINT Foundation between 1970 and 2002.
Exploring Mycofi

And that’s a wrap! See you for our Multiplayer & Memberships Launch!