We're not just sorting paper clips…

September has been a busy month for the Anyteam.

We're not just sorting paper clips…

Welcome to September's platform update. We've come a long way this last year. The Anytype alpha is now available for Android, iPhone, Linux, macOS, and Windows. With each update, our community grows, and quite frankly — there's just too much news!

There are now two monthly updates. This platform update will be home to our progress each month, highlighting updates to our desktop and mobile apps and how those were made possible by our tech stack.

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Fresh paint
Welcome to September’s community update. We’ve come a long way this last year... With each new feature we add, our community grows, and quite frankly — there’s just too much news!
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A significant upgrade for your objects.

Anytype now supports entirely new types of objects interconnected in a knowledge graph. You can build new objects with layouts, relations, and reusable templates. Most importantly, you can now work with multiple objects by creating tables, (and soon) lists, and galleries.  

Thank you, everyone, for joining the onboarding calls, for sharing your feedback and your creations. Because of your contributions this summer, we can now deliver this upgrade to everyone in the alpha program.

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Our new metaphor for Anytype
An object-oriented vision for computing in the 21st century
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A significant upgrade for your pockets.

Anytype for iPhone has begun alpha testing with a new cohort of 100 users

Anytype for Android now supports types, sets, and relations.

The latest version of Anytype Android contains many improvements to help you create and work with your objects even faster.

This release also brought Sets, Relations, and Types to mobile. Thank you to all our users for testing these new features over the summer.

Go deep on the latest version in our release notes.

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This September, we shipped our first version of Anytype to a cohort of 100 users.

Our first version has full support for all of Anytype’s text blocks, our popular in-line big-styles menu, embedded media, layouts, and other rich features to make your objects yours.

Anytype for iOS will be rolling out to more alpha testers in the coming weeks. In the coming months, we will add support for block multi-select inside the canvas and bring full support for types, sets, and relations.

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Hello, iPhone? It’s Anytype
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